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One Color

  • BEST Stamp for the Home

    The Original Trodat Printy - often copied, but never equaled! There is the right Printy for every requirement. Available in more than 15 different sizes, all with a built-in inkpad (5 different ink colors available).
  • BEST Stamp for on the Move

    The Mobile Printy is the unique pocket stamp which can be operated with just one hand. The design and innovative functions make the Mobile Printy more than a useful accessory. It is perfectly designed for all applications on the move or at home. Available in several sizes, case colors and ink colors.
  • Cosco Printer Line

    The patented X-LARGE window provides prominent space for branding and personalization. The Dual Pad Version includes a built-in spare ink pad for double stamp life.
  • Cosco Printer Green Line

    2000 Plus Green Line stamps contain 80% post-consumer recycled plastic, meet EPA/GSA requirements for recycled content, use environmentally responsible water based ink and packaging is made from 100% unbleached recycled material.